Nick’s Ancestry


This design focused on me, Nick Bailey, and my ancestry (parents and both sets of grandparents). Each person featured in this design is roughly the same age, in their mid-20’s. From left to right: Walt Bailey (Paternal Grandfather), Judy Bailey (Paternal Grandmother), Greg Bailey (Father), Nick Bailey (Me), Brenda Bailey (Mother), Manuel Martinez (Maternal Grandfather), and Norma Martinez (Maternal Grandmother). The hardest thing to get right in this design was the pictures of my grandparents. The original images were torn and also in black and white. After many hours of photoshopping, I was able to accurately show them in this final design in a way that still represents them as they were before.

Klingsheim Graduates


This was a design I made for one of my closest friends, Josh Klingsheim. The final composition features his family of 7. Josh requested that all of his siblings and his parents be shown at graduation age, making it appear as if his family were all graduating at the same time. The images I received from him to create this were all from everybody’s high school graduations. Josh himself is the 5th person from the left in this design.

Bailey Ballers


This design was made to celebrate my dad and stepmom getting married in November 2022. The idea behind the design was to take a photo of my dad (Greg) and also a photo of my stepmom (Tatum) when they were both in their early 20’s. This would then match the early 20’s age that myself and my siblings all are currently. The composition features a basketball starting five lineup, with my stepmom and sister as cheerleaders for the team. A hidden easter egg for this design is that the jersey numbers for each of the five players indicates the actual age of each person today.

Whitehead Kids


I wanted to make something special for my Uncle Garrick and Aunt Sandy who have a family of 9, 7 if you don’t include the parents. The oldest one here is my cousin Dylan pictured on the far right of the design, who is currently age 20. Meanwhile, the youngest one here is my cousin Julian, who is seen at the far left of the design, who is currently age 7. With that wide of an age range, I got the idea for this design which features all 7 of their kids but all at the same age, making it appear like a group of school friends posing for a group picture.